in Contact Improvisation with Daniel Werner and Joerg Hassmann 




Half Year Program Berlin

in Cooperation with Tanzfabrik Berlin


This Programme, which we are running since 2007, became the setting, where we continuously evaluate the technical foundation of Contact Improvisation as we understand and experience it. What is it that makes us feel connected - within ourselves and with the people we dance with? We see this as a core question for any dance technique, first of all on the physical but also on an energetic level. 


Developmental movement patterns have become our experiential narrative for this, including the research of anatomical core structures like bones, joints and muscles. They offer effortless and powerful ways to move alone and together within all the weight baring situations of a CI duet.

Over the years more knowledge of somatic practices have inspired us - especially the connectivity and elasticity of the fascia network - and different parts of the nervous system, that influence our state of readiness and availability. 


We developed a lot of partner material to explore the main principles, which enable a CI duet to move smoothly and ease fully through all spacial levels, from the floor to lifts and jumps. We'll research the most common CI specific situations, finding precision, new details & clarity, challenges and surprisingly new options in the supposedly known. 


Focussed, open frames for dancing will give space to allow the technical information to become more integrated. In these spaces we can explore, what Jams need so that they can grow beyond a collection of CI duets. A Jam's potential is to become a space, where we connect together as a whole while being deeply in touch with our individual needs and curiosities. 


Level: One year of regular CI practice is a good minimum to participate in this programme. 

The teaching language is mainly english, plus german as needed.

Overnight: It is possible to sleep in the studio.


Participants will receive a certificate documenting the contents of the training to assist them with current or future employment opportunities.


The actual dates for this program you'll find in our calendar.


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Experienced Intensives in Berlin


The Experienced Intensives are designed first of all for people, who participated in the basic training program. In these more advanced workshops we will revisit and deepen our understanding of the foundation principles. The vocabulary we developed in the basic training provides a common base to directly dive into the depth and complexity of this dance form. From here we approach in each workshop a specific CI related theme. In general, there will be more room for self directed learning in the form of Labs, explorative scores, and individual feedback. As teachers we use especially these Workshops to explore questiones and curiosities that came up in our other teaching settings and to develope new material.

In each workshop we keep a limited number of places available for 'external' advanced contacters, who haven't participated in the basic training programme. The teaching language is english, but also german if required.



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Condensed Systematics - Contact Improvisation Intensives in Europe

Once or twice a year we are offering this kind of workshop in varying european cities. Within four or five days we will give a condensed insight into our systematic approach to CI that we have developed throughout the last five years in our basic training program in Berlin.
"Following the point of contact with shared weight" is - in our understanding - the technical core of this multi-layered dance form.
We use certain ideas of developmental movement patterns to find an adequate modulation of body tone and structural organization of the body. This will give a foundation for solo movement technique as well as for working with shared weight. Specific anatomy based explorations will support the efficient and flexible use of our bodies in a way that also experienced dancers will find deeper insights into the assumed known.
Precise partner work, specific pathways and feedback will show ways to understand and overcome personal movement habits and limitations and will guide the way into a truly three dimensional dance. Our technical focus aims to feed the improvisational part of the dance by creating more choice.

Basic skills in CI are required. In doubt contact us. Advanced contacters with an interest in a systematical approach to CI are very welcome.


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Compact Training programmes


As in the condensed systematic workshops we share our main material in a compact way, but with the advantage of having some time in between the workshops. The information has time to sink in, participants can continue exploring the material in their own practice. Gathering again gives the opportunity of repetition, allows deeper questiones and gives time for the core movement priciples to be intergrated


This training programme is designed for people who want find a deeper understanding of the technical side of this multilayered danceform - on a physical and also mental level. In a compact way we'll share the material that we have been developing in the last seven years in our Training Programme in Berlin.
Developmental movement patterns - as the foundation for human movement par excellence - are our anchor to teach and explore Contact technique in a systematic way. The center of the body, the spine and the elastic, three-dimensional fascia web are the core structures with which we will engage. We want to give an experience how ones own movement as well as giving and taking weight in a CI duet can feel more efficient, rich and connected.
Our goal is a centre to centre duet that enables a true three dimensionality.  Lifts are a natural part of this.
A very fine and clear communication is an essential part of our CI specific technique and ensures that we are present in a holistic way.
The learning process will be supported by a constant group, where trust and a common understanding of what we do can grow. And there will be enough time to revisit and deepen some of the core exercises and concepts.
Participants should be familiar with CI. A continuous movement practice in between the workshops is compulsory, so that the body has a chance to integrate the new material.


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