Thanks a lot for this great workshop! It was a big step in my short contact journey. I highly appreciate you are so sensitive, skillful and joyful teachers!


I wanted to say an extra thank-you for all you shared with us last week, and how you shared it. I feel like I often meet contact teachers that I like, and whose dancing I enjoy, and yet I feel unable to access their teaching style. So this past week was heartening for me because I found the way you shared really clear and balanced. And I particularly enjoyed the way you fit together as a team  - a bit like both sides in my internal conflicts were soothed by your mamma-pappa harmony :  )


I have had many smiles remembering the workshop. Into that point that my workmates are asking to what I am smiling to, sitting alone with my lunch.


Joerg and Daniel's CI technique is the best I have come across during the 6 years I have been dancing CI in the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain. I have had good international teachers, but I was always missing a concrete and specific approach to the CI dance, in the basics, the intermediate and advance material. I was about to quit dancing, because I had lower back pain when I danced. Thanks to Joerg and Daniel's great exercises and understanding of the CI technique, I am able to engage my core and centre when I dance, which keeps my back safe, and I am also able to flow with my partner through all the levels (floor, four footer, pelvis and shoulder lifts). I have now a real understanding of what CI is, and know pathways and exercises to practise, so that I can keep on improving my dance wherever I am, because this is just the beginning of CI for me. I would totally recommend the training to anyone, from beginners to advanced and even professional dancers! I wish the course was longer, as I feel there is still a lot I could learn from Joerg and Daniel. Thank you very much for this wonderful experience and for sharing your knowledge with all of us. It is a real present that has changed my life for the best.


I enjoyed the BMC exploration. I had a good time to get back to familiar movement and from there explore areas that are difficult or strange to me. This I hope stays with me. That I will find time and space to keep on exploring my movement from centre to extremities (other way around is more natural to me, from extremities to centre)

Thinking and using the centre as big movable area is bringing a special (juicy) style in contact duet. It brings dancers close and easy to connect. But also as I am moving my big moveable centre, either following the other centre or following my own movement, the dance feels very much mine. Not just something that is happening to me. 


 Thank you Joerg, I loved this weekend's material. It felt like a perfect level to me :), with enough complexity to explore in the training and the time before the next workshop. so thanks a lot for teaching the advanced exercises! it keeps me interested, being challenged and having fun.


the center as my anchor, the point of contact as my orientation
amazing how losing orientation means gaining orientation in a new, more profound, way
(and, propabely, the other way round as well)

i had a moment when i enjoyed falling in slow motion. It really is possible!

Thank you Daniel for the invitation to slow down to be able to find the details - there where enlighting moments in that! (But speeding up and mucking around like crazy was also real fun!!)

Today i still feel very grounded, and my body very well integrated. I can feel the diagonals in my body more clearly (which i usually have a lot of difficulty with) Running was a wonderful experience today. And, being more "in" the fascia i feel very awake, full, (as Kira Kirsch once put it: "The whole body suit wakes up")

I am truly grateful and happy to know you people are out there, keeping the dance alive, sharing your skills and insights with each other and in all the many different ways, no matter how big or small, also with the "normal" world, which, i hope and believe is also affected and transformed by this.

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