Festival Contact meets Contemporary


Festival Contact meets Contemporary
Mon, 6. August 2012 - Sat, 11. August 2012
Göttingen - Göttingen
Joerg Hassmann & Daniel Werner
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4th Annual International Festival for
Contact Improvisation inviting Contemporary Dance
6.-11.8.2012 - in Göttingen, Germany

Contact meets Contemporary is a Contact Festival that invites and includes the knowledge from other contemporary dance forms. We are very happy about the focussed but still light athmosphere this festival created in the previous years and we are excited to develope and improve it in 2012. "Contact meets Contemporary" is inspired by the idea that  Contact has it's origins in the contemporary dance world, before developing into a more social dance form of which the festivals are a vital part. We like to reconnect Contact Improvisation to the knowledge and practice of contemporary danceforms, that also appreciate the spirit of improvisation.

For contacters we mean to enrich the regular CI-festival experience by also offering classes in solo dance technique and improvisational skills and integrating these into a jam environment. For contemporary dancers we aim to give access to contact technique classes, and build a bridge for joining a festival where contemporary movement technique can be purely danced with others (instead of being rehearsed in order to go on stage). The common ground we will build on is curiosity and improvisation.

Paul Singh (USA) Moving Mind meets Thinking Body
Ruslan Santah (Ukraine)
Choice and spontaneous space play ... not only in Contact Improvisation
InKa Rustler (Germany)  Tensegrity Structures - Finding a connective network

Teachers 2012:

Alyssa Lynes (USA), Christine Mauch (Berlin), Christoph Schuetz (Goettingen), Günther Klingler (Freiburg), Johan Nilson (Sweden), Ka Rustler (Berlin), Katri Luukonen (Finland), Markus Hoft (Bremen), Nina Wehnert (Berlin), Paul Singh (USA), Ruslan Santah (Ukrain), Sabine Parzer (Vienna), Ulla Mäkinen (Finland) and some more inspired teachers will come.

Timing & Location: Contact meets contemporary 2012 is a day shorter than usual. The festival is from 6.-11.8., right in between the ECITE (Bern) and the Freiburg Festival. A good opportunity for festival hoppers.

The Festival will happen again at the lovely and more intimate venue we found last year with lots of Green around and in walking distance to the city, a pool, a thermal bath and a lake not much further!

Happy to see you in Goettingen!

The Festival Team
Jörg Hassmann, Daniel Werner, Gabi Neumann and Nadja Schwarzenbach



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