2 weeks summer intensive


2 weeks summer intensive
Mon, 20. August 2012 - Fri, 31. August 2012
Tanzfabrik - Berlin
Joerg Hassmann
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 2 weeks summer intensive  
in Cooperation with Tanzfabrik Berlin

For many years I developed solo & CI material that is supposed to bring rather quick results, as I am mainly teaching 2-5 day workshops. But I don't really see what happens if this rather complex material sinks into other peoples bodies and becomes their owns. I am curios about the luxury of repetition whishing for more depth in terms of experience, understanding and emerging questiones.

Core focus will ly on
- movement technique focussing on connections within the body
- a technical approach to Contact Improvisation
- a presence in witnessed improvisations.

The movement technique I want to share and deepen uses developmental movement patterns as an underlying knowledge. But the main focus will be on bones, joints and fascia. With a strong center and an active spine we will look for the minimal necessary effort in movements especially in legs & arms and  neck & head using falling, swinging, rebounce and suspension to read the logic of momentum. Hands on work will be essential.

Especially in the first week we will create a common base in terms of contact technique. Knowledge from the CI training programme that I developed for the last five years together with Daniel Werner will inform our practice: Keeping the dance moving with shared weight through space and all levels inculding a detailed view on the communication in and underneath the point of contact. That also gives a chance for people with a strong contemporary dance background but fewer CI knowledge to later on use the open CI frames more efficiently.
In week two I imagine CI to be mainly a frame to integrate the input from the movement technique. Driven by the curiosity how the given material changes the CI dance excercises, scores & personal foci will appear either as a desire to revisit something familiar or to invent new experiments.

A regular practice of witnessing the dance and being witnessed will help to more clearly find ones own focus and to build a base for a presence that supports performative situations.

The training is directed to people who want to deepen their CI practice trusting that the details make the difference. Participants comming from a strong CI background need the desire to find deeper insights in their own moving body. People with a strong Contemporary dance background need the trust that CI is a highly complex dance technique.
Participants should have already worked with me before or trust me for other reasons.

The frame

We are in the lucky situation to have a beautyful studio the whole two weeks just for us. After the workshop the space is available to continue dancing or researching. Sleeping is possible for 5€ per night. From Wedneday til Sunday there are jams somewhere in thecity to continue the practice. 'Tanz im August' is also happening and offering a huge programme of dance performances, lectures and other happenings.

20.-31.8.2012, mondays-fridays 10am-3pm (30 min break)

300 €-550 € (as you can) if money is transferred until 31.5.2012, afterwards 400 €-550 €

Location: Tanzfabrik Berlin, Moeckernstr. 68, Berlin-Kreuzberg (Studio4)

Registration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Tanzfabrik - Website
Möckernstrasse 68


U 7/U 6 - Mehringdamm (10min. walk)

S-bahn: Yorckstrasse (10min. walk)
Bus M19, Haltestelle/bus stop: Katzbachstraße

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