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Workshop in Israel


Workshop in Israel
Wed, 5. September 2018 - Sun, 9. September 2018
Studio TENA - Kibbutz EIN SHEMER
Joerg Hassmann
Created by:
Jörg Hassmann


Contact Improvisation Workshop
with Joerg Hassmann near Tel Aviv/ Israel
September 5-9

The breathing point of contact - spaciousness and commitment in CI

How can we combine commitment and spaciousness in a CI duet? Keeping the fasciantion for touch and shared weight alive, while allowing space to breathe?

A red thread in this research will be what I like to call 'the breathing point of contact', where the amount of weight we share is constantly changing. Moments of less weight allow the common architecture to shift easefully. It brings repeatedly moments of lightness and easy changes, while creating open invitations for lifts and transports. It allows more space and breath in the connection of the dance partners.
To support the sense of spacioness we'll bring a focus on bones and joints, sensing the open directions a body can follow. I want to share ideas how to bring this into trio work and let it expand towards connections to the whole space. And more generally and deeply I like to adress the question of 'What makes a jam a shared group experience, that goes far beyond a container for happy duets?' 
So far the plan. Let's see what wants to happen!

A familiarity with CI technique is required to follow the workshop. In doubt check in with us!

Wed-Sat 10-17:30 (with 90 minutes resting)
Sun 9-14:30


Studio TENA @ Kibuts EIN SHEMER
about 1 hour from Tel Aviv

1100 (normal), 950 ILS (reduced) for paying until August 1st
1250 (normal), 1100 ILS (reduced) for paying after August 1st

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It is possible to sleep in the studio without extra payment: There are mats - and showers, a small basic kitchen and a grocery store are available. 

Joerg Hassmann

Inspired by contact improvisation since 25 years as a source to understand and celebrate the moving body and human communcation. Many kinds of sports, release techniques, somatic work, instant composition and creating dance and theater performances have informed his dance and his teaching. Artistic director of the CI Festival 'contact-meets-contemporary'. Teaches CI Training Programmes in Berlin and throughout Europe together with Daniel Werner - Writes under


Studio TENA - Website


about one hour's drive from Tel Aviv

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