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Berlin Contact Festival


Berlin Contact Festival
Wed, 9. May 2018 - Sun, 13. May 2018
Joerg Hassmann
Created by:
Jörg Hassmann


I'll be teaching an Intensive in this sweet Contact Festival! And I am looking forward to focussed Jams, and the very comforting atmosphere this event spreads. Here the description of my Intensive and below more information about the festival:


Lightness and Fullness


This intensve will look at the technical side of contact improvsation, while keeping a sense of improvisation alive. The lense we'll look through is the felt sense of lightness, wondering how that is connected to a juicy fullness.

I find it incredibly satisfying, when a sense of spaciousness and lightness stays alive in a committed CI duet and at the same time the fullness of the bodies, hearts and minds can be wholly present. For that a good sense of grounding is essential, reading the support - the floor, myself and the partner - and how much I can trust it. I want to share thoughts, techniques and some of my personal strategies how to invite lightness into the dance without getting flirry. 

I am curios how to encourage a state of mind, which enables us to experience lightness that doesn't get limited to the physical reality of it.



Berlin Contact Improvisation Festival 9.- 13. May 2018
Incl. AquaticMotion and EcstaticContact Party


Kira Kirsch - Axis Syllybus - Breathing Body
Joerg Hassmann - CI Technique and Impro / Lightness and Fullness

Classes: Vega Luukkonen, Daniel Werner, Iiris Raipala, Barbara Berti, Lena Peled, Nadja El Eid, Bernd Knappe, Dino Spiri, Marielle Gerke, Helena Eflerova, Katja-Bahini Mangold, Zuzanna Bukowski, Samuli Lehesaari, Julia Melnik and more

And of course with Florian Betz & Team for the Music!
Singing Circle - Janne Hanoun
Chill out lounge - Nadja El Eid
Delicious organic vegan/vegetarian food by Inga Striezel.
Incl. AquaticMotion and EcstaticContact Party

Registration open:


Location: Sporthalle Münchener Strasse, Georg von Giesche Schule, Münchener Strasse 49, 10777 Berlin,

See you there!

Berlin Contact Improvisation Festival 9.- 13. May 2018
We warmly welcome you to the 7th edition of Berlin Contact Improvisation Festival!
Working with experiential somatic disciplines and Contact Improvisation in warm water and on the dance floor. The teachers offer skill building intensives, classes & labs. Discovering where movement arises, bringing it into different aspects of dance, improvisation and celebration. Nightly Contact Impro jams inspired by eclectic live musicians. On Saturday May 12 there will be an EcstaticContact Party into a Jam Celebration - open to the public.

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