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CI Workshop in Genova


CI Workshop in Genova
Thu, 7. December 2017 - Sun, 10. December 2017
Joerg Hassmann
Created by:
Jörg Hassmann


CI Workshop in Genova
Lightness and clarity
After many years of practicing CI I am not getting any less busy with the worries of how not to be too heavy for my dance partner, wondering how I don't feel like a huge limitation for my partners freedom. And at the same time, I am very intrigued by the experience of how easeful and light a committed CI dance can be. Satisfying lightness is not based on holding back. It is more complex than that. How do I find the support that gives me the effortless option to expand? How can I experience myself as light while giving all my weight? I enjoy these questions more than any kind of answer. And I am happy to share what I found so far, which is strongly connected to 'clarity' - on various levels.
I will take inspirations from my Summer Intensive on how to keep the improvisational mind alive when working with clear material but also exploring how we navigate ourselves through more open scores.
Level: intermediate/ advanced
workshop price
180 for people with little money
200 for people with a steady income
230 for people who wish to support
contact & further information: Caterina Mocciola: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
A little personal note: We had an amazing workshop there last year at the same venue with 40 people. This time we want to limit the numbers to 30 to have a bit more space. There is wonderful movemnet in the italy CI community, teachers and other commited practicioners connecting and working together, figuring out how to develop this form in their country. Something of this spirit was very tangible in the workshop. Let's see how it'll be this year...
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