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CI Workshop


CI Workshop
Thu, 10. November 2016 - Sun, 13. November 2016
Studium Teatralne - Warsaw
Joerg Hassmann
Created by:
Jörg Hassmann


Letting Go

CI Workshop in Warsaw with Joerg Hassmann

November 10-13

I am enjoying to explore the moment of letting go and the movements and the momentum it creates. The building up of muscle tone has its importance as a starting point for the letting go experience. We'll find this principle on very different levels. In the subtleness of the small dance. Playing with restistance and surprisingly to let it go. Leading, manipulating, hooking and grabbing they all become playful or even useful for an alive dialogue, when we know the earliest and latest moments to let go of the built up body tone. Thinking the brain as a muscle we will explore its ability to switch between will power or making plans and letting things happen, surrendering to what ever wants to emerge. 
We'll work with concrete CI material on a technical level, for sure body surfing, some lifs and possibly some upside down or backspace suggestions. The practice of letting go is a wonderful tool to work on our core fear response of 'contracting' that we'll get in touch with by working precisely on a technical level.

10-13 Nov 
Thursday 18-21
Friday 11-14, 15.30-18 (18-18.30 labbing/writing time - optional), 19-21 jam
Saturday 11-14, 15.30-18 (18-18.30 labbing/writing - optional)
Sunday 10.30-13.30, 15-17

Studium Teatralne S/T, Lubelska 30/32, Warsaw, Poland 
(5 min walk from Warsaw East train station)

Level: intermediate/advanced

100-150 euro (as you can) by registering until Sep 30th
125-150 euro (as you can) by registering after Sep 30th

Questions and registration:
Natalia Oniśk This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Studium Teatralne


Studium Teatralne S/T, Lubelska 30/32, Warsaw, Poland 
(5 min walk from Warsaw East train station)

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