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Intensive Contact Improvisation Training


Intensive Contact Improvisation Training
Fri, 7. November 2014 - Tue, 11. November 2014
Joerg Hassmann
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Intensive Contact Improvisation Training
with Joerg Hassmann
in Warsaw Nov 7th-11th

"Travelling - on the floor and on higher levels"

Body surfing is a commonly underestimated part of Contact Technique. Probably because it is highly complex and more difficult to understand than shoulderlifts but less satisfying for the ego. We use it as a way to get from body work into dancing and hope for the intelligence of our bodies to kick in. Body surfing is a treasure box for excitement that we only manage to unpack if the bodies stay soft and connected. I want to use the idea of travelling to get out of the snuggly body work state into the state of dancing CI. I will set foci on developmental movement patterns (especially the reach), the myo-fascia web, detailed communication through touch, suspension, momentum and the polarities of commitment vs freedom and being readable vs surprising. All these topics I want to revisit when travelling in standing level. The verticality of standing and the mainly horizontal orientation on floor level have very different feels to it while using a lot of similar principles. Working on both of them I am looking forward to see how the bodies start longing to create transitions and connections between the two spheres and which intelligence of our bodies will kick in then.

WHEN? 7th-11th November 2014 

WHERE? Warsaw, Rzeka Życia, Jupiter Centrum; "Leonardo" space

FOR HOW MUCH? 130-180 Euro (as you can) if you pay the deposit before September the 25th and 150-180 after this time. 
The price for central and eastern European participants is 95-140 Euro (as you can) if you pay the deposit before September the 25th and 120-140 after this time. 
The deposit is 50 Euro. If you cancel before October the 15th we will pay you back 35 Euro. If you cancel after this time we will keep the whole deposit.

(NOTE - If you would like to pay more to support the participation of people who cannot afford paying even the lowest price you can fund the scholarship by adding some extra money to your payment) 

FOR WHOM? Intermediate and advanced contact improvisation practitioners 

REGISTRATION AND QUESTIONS: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Warsaw, Rzeka Życia, Jupiter Centrum; "Leonardo" space

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