Contact Technique double pack


Contact Technique double pack
Fri, 14. March 2014 - Sun, 16. March 2014
Studium Teatraln - Warsaw
Daniel Werner
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Contact Technique double pack
2 workshops in Warsaw (Feb & Mar 2014)
with Jörg Hassmann & Daniel Werner

These two Contact Improvisation workshops find their base in our systematic approach to Contact technique that we developed over the last seven years. Both workshops will go a step further than just the basics, inviting more momentum, travelling through levels and space. The workshops are the most benefitial for people who attended the condensed systematic workshop in May 2013 and who will do both now.

January 31- February 2: 'playful legs' with Joerg Hassmann

We will bring awareness to the connection from the center to the legs, focussing on opening the hipjoints, deep folding and  powerful pushing. Legs have the amazing capacity to switch quickly from swinging-floating-flying to supporting and creating an intelligent stability. We practice this with each step in walking.  In this workshop we want to bring this intelligence to common and less common CI situations. Changing levels with lightness and surprising support will be a continous theme. We could call it a playful way to approach lifts without getting too attached to lifting but enjoying the sweet challenges in rhythm, surpise and failing.

March 14-16 'keeping the weight moving' with Daniel Werner

Contact Improvisation easily becomes sationary when we continously give and take weight - and through that also a bit tight and heavy. Comming from a strong center that finds soft and powerful extensions into the spine we will explore ways how to keep a commited CI duett moving through space and through levels. A sense of falling will help to clarify the communication by common momentum and brings lightness and a sweet taste of excitement into the dance. The work on center and legs from the March workshop will be a good preparation.

The price: 
Both workshops - 190 EUR (160 EUR early birds registered before Dec16)
Joerg's workshop only - 130 EUR (110 EUR early birds registered before Dec16)
Daniel's workshop only - 130 EUR (110 EUR early birds registered before Jan 30)
Bank details will be sent to you after receiving a registration e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Schedule (might still change slightly):

Joerg (Jan31-Feb2)
Fri - 18-21
Sat - 11-18 (90 min break)
Sun - 11-17  (90 min break)

Daniel (Mar 14-16)
Fri 18 - 21.30
Sat 11 - 18.30 (90 min break)
Sun 10 - 14 (30 min break)

For travelling people we'll try to find hosts among hospitable Warsaw contacters or we'll help to get nice and cheap hostels.

Queries: ask Natalia or Andrzej - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Organisers: Natalia Oniśk and Andrzej Woźniak 


Studium Teatraln
Lubelska 30/32


3 minutes walking distance from East Warsaw train station

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