This is a little collection of video clips with me dancing that I find acceptable. I am super happy to get more video material. If you have footages of me dancing on festivals, which are not listed here, I'd be super happy if you contact me.

Joerg Hassmann in CI dances with:

Chris Aiken (Berlin 2014)

Aaron Brandes (Earthdance 2008)

Adrian Russi (ECITE 2005 Estonia)

Ruslan Santah (Kiev 2012)

Angela Kalis (Goettingen 2013)

Kira Kirsch (CI 36 Pennsylvania 2008)

Brenton Cheng (Kiev 2012)

Monika Gallardo (Kiev 2012)

Joerg Hassmann in (mainly) set pieces with:

Jenny Haack (Frankfurt/Oder 2005)

Nina Wehnert (Frankfurt/Oder 2007)

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