Daniel Werner and Joerg Hassmann together


2005 we connected through teaching a CI class together at the Easter Improv Festival in Goettingen and were fascinated by each others attempt to find words and concepts to understand the technical essentials of CI. This journey led us to founding dancecontact.de - our platform to teach and explore CI. The combination of analytical thinking and exploring on the one hand and the highly nutritious experiences through teaching together on the other hand, has stayed with us us ever since. Our common journey finds its manifestation in the training programmes in Berlin and more compact formats throughout Europe. We happened to become a home for each other and nurture it continuously by solo-teaching and co-operations with other teachers.

In summer 2009 we initiated the annual "contact-meets-contemporary" Festival in Goettingen. An highly inspiring attempt to enrich CI based dancing with the knowledge of contemporary dance (www.contact-meets-contemporary.de).



Joerg Hassmann (* 1970, Berlin/ Germany)


I am teaching CI since 1995. From my background as a dance and theatre improviser I entered the stage and eventually contemporary dance techniques. In 1998 I made dance my full time occupation. My work is influenced by anatomy based movement explorations, ideas from contemporary dance techniques, BMC, Capoeira, play and the urge and joy of discovery. Teaching and performing has always been essential for me on this journey and I have been fortunate enough to teach all over the world. (More about me here.)



Daniel Werner (* 1972, Göttingen/ Germany)


I teach CI since 1997, and love to continuously discover new dimensions of this amazing dance form on stage, in teaching and in the jam. My teaching is nurtured by the passion to systematically understand and categorize the underlying principles in CI. I studied contemporary dance at the North Karelia College in Finland and enjoy to work internationally as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. Essential influences for my work also come from Body-Mind Centering, Release-Techniques and Asian Movement Arts. Further I am involved in the following projects: www.easterimprofestival.info, www.body-mind-presence.de, www.in-touch.es and www.canarian.contactfestival.info.

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