CI Compact Training Program Amsterdam


CI Compact Training Program Amsterdam
Fr, 28. April 2017 - Mo, 1. Mai 2017
Joerg Hassmann & Daniel Werner
Daniel Werner



Dear Dancers and CI lovers,

We will offer our Compact Training in Amsterdam in a sweet, clear and more condensed way than originally planed. It will be a juicy 4-day block with Daniel and Joerg together. So, the new frame might be more inviting for people who felt like travelling three times to Amsterdam is too much. There is a very nice and dedicated group already and some more places available. Have a look, jump on board and see you end of April!

Joerg, Daniel and also Katie Lee and Lana as our wonderful organizers

Compact Training Program Contact Improvisation

with Daniel Werner & Joerg Hassmann
April 28- May 1 2017 in Amsterdam

We will welcome Daniel and Joerg again in Amsterdam in 2017. They were here in 2015 for an Intensive. We all have enjoyed this very much and plans were made for another one.
Daniel and Joerg didn’t stop exploring new stuff, this training will be full of new material, they will combine past and future materials and will work with questions from the group.

You are welcome to join! 

...“This training program is designed for people who want to find a deeper understanding of the technical side of this multilayered dance form – on a physical and also mental level. In a compact way we’ll share the material that we have been developing in the last ten years in our Training Program in Berlin. Developmental movement patterns, as the foundation for human movement par excellence, are our anchor to teach and explore Contact technique in a systematic way. The center of the body, the spine and the elastic, three-dimensional fascia web are the core structures with which we will engage.

We want to give an experience how ones own movement as well as giving and taking weight in a CI duet can feel more efficient, rich and connected. Our goal is a center to center duet that enables a true three dimensionality. Lifts are a natural part of this. A very fine and clear communication is an essential part of our CI specific technique and ensures that we are present in a holistic way.

We see our work as a practice. People, who participated in the program 2015, will revisit core excercise, gain a more in depth experience and probably learn the most. But the program is not a repetion of the last one. In the learning process as a constant group, we can’t predict which themes and explorations will gain the most momentum. Participants should be familiar with CI. A continuous movement practice in between the workshops is compulsory, so that the body has a chance to integrate the new material.”

Daniel and Joerg


Date 2017:
Friday 28 April- Monday 1 May 

Each day doors are open at 10, program begins 10:30 and ends between 17:00 - 17:30 

€180- €250 (sliding scale - as you can afford).
We do not give any refund 3 weeks before the training, the ticket is not on your name and you can pass it on. If you do so, please let us know.

For people coming from outside of Amsterdam we are most willing to help finding cheap accommodation.
There are different possibilities:
you can stay in a guest house of someone from the Amsterdam Ci community for 10€ a night > please contact us
you can stay in a hotel or hostel > contact us in case you need any help

'De schermzaal' in sporthallen Amsterdam Zuid 
Burgerweeshuispad 5, 1076 EP Amsterdam 
Note: a few weeks before the training starts you will get more information about the location and the travel options.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/249847075399112/
For more information and registration www.dansmagie.nl

Welcome to Amsterdam
KatieLee and Lana



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