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Mo, 5. November 2012 - Fr, 9. November 2012
London - London
Joerg Hassmann



Jaqui Wan & Joerg Hassmann - 5-9 November, London


Joerg - I wonder how much of those rather precise and fragile balances the flying person experiences in acroyoga can be translated into CI positions on someone’s pelvis and centre?  I’ve developed some material that uses the intelligence of the underdancer’s legs (using the acroyoga postion of the supporter) I call it pediplulation material. In general I'd like to find more curiosity in CI for moments of fine balances in almost stillness, exploring how minimal shifts can change a lot: joy outside of a continuous flow.

Jaqui – Question: how to combine spontaneity and fluidity with force and agility? How to move and interchange from base to flyer to base and how we combine the themes of trust and connection through movement into and out of fragile balances or points of touch . . .

Joerg Hassmann

I have been teaching CI since 1995. My work is influenced by anatomy based movement explorations, ideas from BMC, Capoeira, play and the urge and joy of discovery. Teaching and performing is essential for my own learning process. I teach worldwide and I love the differences of cultures and how they show up in local CI communities.

Jaqui Wan

Jaqui Wan is a certified yoga teacher and bodywork practitioner. She is also the first certified Acroyoga teacher in Europe.

AcroYoga was founded by Jason Nemer & Jenny Sauer-Kline, both based in San Francisco, California. The practice merges three ancient bodywork traditions: yoga asanas; partner acrobatics & circus skills and thai massage.

This practice involves three active roles:
the spotter
, who serves as an interpreter between the base and flyer and aid the stability and success of a skill or flying sequence;

the base, who is the pillar for which skills are conducted;
the flyer
, who is either the performer or the receiver of therapeutic flying.

AcroYoga combines both dynamic and therapeutic sequences that range from massage and therapy,  to performance acrobatics and dance. Practitioners can follow set flows till they become familiar with the practice and can then work on improvisation.AcroYoga actively encourages inversions.

£250 full-waged, £200 part-waged, £150 unwage

10% earlybird discount if booked by 31 August
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