moving body - CI invites BMC


moving body - CI invites BMC
Do, 29. September 2016 - So, 2. Oktober 2016
Eden***** Studios - Berlin/ Pankow
Joerg Hassmann
Jörg Hassmann


Moving Body - Contact Improvisation invites BMC®

with Friederike Tröscher and Jörg Hassmann

29 September - 3 October 2016
Eden***** Studios, Berlin

CI is – on a technical level – a partner dance form, that investigates the communication through touch in constantly shifting shared weight situations. But there is no common approach, how to prepare and inform the body for this physical dialogue. BMC is for sure one of the most influencing disciplines in the field of Contact Improvisation with its expertise around developmental movement patterns or the different systems of the body like the bones, the fluids or the fascia web.

Friederike as core member of the BMC Certification Programs in Germany and Joerg Hassmann as one of the leading heads in the european Contact Scene are rather familiar with the discipline of the other one. Their job in this event is to open links between those two disciplines. The BMC based mornings will provide depth and detail for personal embodiment. The afternoons will open a space where these informed bodies and minds can integrate the knowledge and experiences from the morning through exploring and dancing in a CI based frame.

Friederike and Jörg will take the practice of presence and embodiment to their teaching and collaboration and use the continuous input and inspiration of each other as a thread to further develop and deepen.

Places are limited to 45 participants.

The workshop is designed for people that are comfortable with and interested in self-responsible learning through the moving body.


29 September – 3 October 2016
200-240 Euro (until 15.8) – as you can
220-240 Euro (after 15.8)
Eden***** Studios, Breite Strasse 43, 13187 Berlin / Pankow

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Eden***** Studios
Breite Str. 43
Berlin/ Pankow
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