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Intensive: making choices - changing directions


Intensive: making choices - changing directions
Di, 27. Dezember 2011 - Di, 29. November 2011
London - London
Joerg Hassmann


Pre-Workshop at the New years Jam in London, 27 - 30 December 2011

making choices - changing directions

To improvise means having choices and making decisions - in each moment. We wish for clarity, freedom and openess. We suffer from not knowing from which place we actually make good decisions and from the fear of making wrong or bad decisions. Making choices is one of the strong links between movement practice and 'real life'. So as not to get lost in the breath and generality of this theme, we will focus on how it manifests in the field of movement technique - without excluding connections to emotional and mental levels of being and making choices.

In my concept of the body (-mind), the center and, secondarily, the spine are the main structures that organise the moving body, enable us to make invitations and propose directions - which means making decisions. We'll explore both - center and spine - in solo and contact situations, investigating specific activities in leading and following roles. Changing directions will be our tool to continuously check how well our communication is working, a test for how much freedom is provided in weight sharing situations.

From this basis I'd like to propose some challenges: The spiral (in the torso) opens two opposing directions in the body and creates moments of suspension for our choice of direction. The companions of the spiral - bending, curving and arching - help in easily transferring movement into new directions, even in situations where momentum is involved. We can potentially surprise ourselves and our partner without becoming unclear or less committed to the connection to our partner.

The base of the work is 'saying yes' - the underlying score is to be honest when we wish to say no and to practice (how) to do it.

£ 130 regular / £ 100 concession

More Information: http://www.danielmang.com/node/10


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