CI Workshop Genua/ Italy


CI Workshop Genua/ Italy
Do, 29. November 2018 - So, 2. Dezember 2018
Genua - Genua
Joerg Hassmann
Jörg Hassmann



Specificity & change


Workshop with Joerg Hassmann in Genova

29 November - 2 December, 2018

A core part of improvisation is the permission to be lost and even to invest into knowing less. This uncomfortable place, where we can't control what's gonna come and if we'll like it..
But the other truth is: improvisation only really starts when we become specific in our actions, when we leave the blurriness behind. We can only develop something, let it go or change it somehow if we already have something.
I am interested in the freshness of the dance. Partly by honestly committing to my habitual ways of dancing, while really enjoying that. But in order to allow that I need phases, where little and big changes are welcome and happen easily, without much force. But how? That's the question!
I will share some concrete ways for becoming specific in solo and Contact technique. Neck release, front side up and up side down situations will be part of that. And I want to use more open dance frames to practice the whole range between specificity, commitment, letting go and change ...
"Knowing where I am and what I do but not knowing what's gonna come. Clear in my actions and open for changes."
Organized in collaboration with:
-Teatro della Tosse, Festival "Resistere e Creare", teatrodellatosse.it
Level: intermediate/advanced
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This workshop is designed for people who are very familiar with Contact Improvisation, who have an intermediate/advance level of their practice, with a minimum of 2 years of experience in CI suggested. The idea is to create a group of dedicated people in order to delve deeper into the material proposed by Joerg.
The workshop is offered within the frame of a Contemporary Dance Festival. Therefore, we would like to include people coming from the contemporary dance and theater/physical theater backgrounds, who are experienced with the 'moving body' and focused work. We feel this will give an interesting spice to the work.
For the registration process:
1. For last year’s participants, we will ask closer to the event, to send us a reflection on how your dance and your interests/curiosity might have changed in these few months
2. For new participants, we ask you to follow the same process as last year, that’s to say to send us a brief expression of interest thinking about the following points:
How much at home are you with CI? When did you start, with who did you learn and how regular do you practice?
In which levels of the form do you feel very comfortable and which areas you feel insecure or limited by? (CI-Technique, Jamming skills, strategies to deal with challenges)
What would I like to learn?
We found it helpful to include into this reflection/preparation to share some of your thoughts. We think it as a support for you to enter the work and to maybe learn more of what you are interested in. And it is also an inspiration for us to prepare the workshop.
Please send your expression of interest to the following email address:
Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!
Once evaluated your request, we will send your participation confirmation including the details for payment of the registration fee, needed as confirmation of your spot.
We are looking forward to reading your applications
Joerg, Caterina, Filippo



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